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Class Photos – 2014

Class - Standard 8.

Class - Standard 8

Class - Standard 7.

Class - Standard 7

Class - Standard 6.

Class - Standard 6

Class - Standard 5.

Class - Standard 5

Class - Standard 4.

Class - Standard 4

Class - Standard 3.

Class - Standard 3

Class - Standard 2.

Class - Standard 2

Class - Standard 1.

Class - Standard 1

Class - Kindergarten 2 and 3.

Class - Kindergarten 2 and 3

Class - Baby Class and Kindergarten 1.

Class - Baby Class and Kindergarten 1
Latest School Photo – 2014

Our latest school photo (April 2014) with over 210 pupils now on the school roll.

Update – As of October 2014 we now have over 250 pupils.

Latest School Photo
Our Second Set of Twins

Hilda and Matilda are our second set of twins at the school.

Latest School Photo
Local Housing

Many of our pupils live in mud and stick houses like this one, typical for this area.

Latest School Photo
Latest School Photo – 2013

Our latest school photo (April 2013) with myself in the middle, it really shows how much we are growing, plans to get everyone, including the newest pupils, into uniform are afoot. The cost of a school uniform is 700 Kenya shillings, about £6.

Latest School Photo
Pupil Numbers Continue to Increase

Following my latest visit in April 2013 we successfully enrolled a further 26 children, pupil numbers now exceeds 130 and continue to grow.

Pupil Numbers Continue to Increase
School Uniform

The school is truly starting to establish its own identity as more and more of the pupils arrive wearing the ‘Faithmount’ uniform, and very smart they all look.

School Uniform
Three New Pupils

The school welcomes three of the ‘Justus’ brothers on their first day at school.

Three New Pupils
Three More New Pupils

These 3 sisters have wanted to join our school for a long time so we delighted to be able to report that we have managed to arrange sponsorship for them enabling them to experience the ‘first day nerves’.

Three More New Pupils
The Pupils

Information about our pupils will appear here shortly.

Pupil Picture 1

Pupil Picture 1

Pupil Picture 2

Pupil Picture 3

Pupil Picture 4

Pupil Picture 5