Sponsorship & Donations  //  Thank You!

Special Thanks

Thank you to...

... Will Jordan for monthly sponsorship.

... Adam Taylor for monthly sponsorship.

... Amanda Lincoln and Niki Woolston for their monthly sponsorship.

... Paul Hill & Jenny Dixon for monthly sponsorship.

... Correnna Dixon and Steve Potter for monthly sponsorship.

A thank you from the pupils of Faithmount School to...


Thank you Barclays


Thank you Draco

...South Hunsley

Thank you South Hemsley

Thank you to...

...Paul & family for the donation of football shirts.

Children proudly wearing their new kit.
Football Shirt

Football Shirt

A huge thank you to...

...the many colleagues at Barclays Bank for their continued support. Your monthly contributions really do keep the school running. Special mention to Beverley Branch for their great support.

A massive thank you to...

...Elly McMeehan and her new husband Mark for their extremely generous act of requesting friends donate to my charity rather than buy wedding presents.

Thank you to...

...Tony and Sarah Barley for recently starting to sponsor a child on a monthly basis.

Thank you to...

...Lial Bruce and Amy Mondschein, two colleagues who have recently begun monthly sponsorship.

Thank you to the holidaymakers at the Mnarani Hotel in Kilifi...

I was overwhelmed by holidaymakers at the Mnarani Hotel in Kilifi who came up and donated funds to me when I visited on Saturday 5th April. Including:

  • The anonymous couple who donated 1200ksh,
  • The anonymous lady who donated £50,
  • A huge thank you for your kindness to Ruth and Jasmine Saxby-May from Bridlington for the donation of pens, notebooks and £100.

I truly hope you all enjoyed the rest of your holiday in Kenya.

All funds really are making a difference to the children and guarantee the sustainability of our school.

Thank you to...

...South Hunsley School, in Hull, for support with lesson plans and your extremely generous offer of supporting our charity for the year ahead.

Thank you to...

...James Hill for your great lesson plan which helped our class 6 learn the 'Chinese Method' of multiplication, whilst having fun along the way.

You can make a differnce...

Please note that 100% of all funds received will be used for sponsorship or school running costs and none of your contributions will be lost in administration costs.

Some of the new books purchased recently with donated funds.
New School Books

Thank you to...

...Mike and Elaine for developing and updating both the website and the school leaflets.