Sponsorship & Donations  //  Sponsorship Options and Making a Donation

Sponsorship Options

Option 1

Regular monthly contribution between £1 per month and £4 per month. These funds will be used for overall school costs, including providing teachers and renting our school buildings.

Option 2

Regular monthly contribution between £5 per month and £9 per month, these funds will be used to part sponsor a child whose family can contribute something, but cannot manage to find all school costs. Your regular contribution will really make a difference and enable a child to attend school.

Option 3

£10 or over, per month. This will be full sponsorship. You will be helping a specific child to attend school; your contribution will cover school fees, uniform and books. This option really enables a child to gain an education which without your help would be impossible. You will receive photos and updates and it may be possible to send and receive letters from your sponsored child.

Option 4

A donation of your choice which will be used towards school desks, school books, or used towards a specific project. If you wish you can specify how you want the funds used.

Making a Donation

Please note that 100% of all funds received will be used for sponsorship or school running costs and none of your contributions will be lost in administration costs.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or making a donation please contact Faithmount School using the form on the Contact Us page or email us directly at enquiries@faithmountschool.com.

Donating by Mobile Phone

It is now possible to make secure donations directly to the school from your mobile phone using Barclays Pingit or JustTextGiving by Vodafone. For more details on how to donate please see the Donating by Mobile Phone page.